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Once Upon a Fairytale

My fairytale legacy/story is ready!


It is called Once Upon a Fairytale . It took months to finalise but I have two chapters up:

1.Once Upon a Little Red Riding Hood

2.Once Upon a Rapunzel


As you can see I will be completing one generation in one chapter so there will be a total of ten chapters for this story. Although it is a fairytale it is written for an older audience, it will not having anything too rude and is intended for an audience 15 and up. M15+

I do hope you stop by and check it out 🙂

P.s: I have one more chapter posted in The Ashfield Legacy: Chapter 5.07



Yay! Just over half way now

Both in the legacy and gen 5.

Four chapters have been published since my last post. I wrote chapters 3 and 4 last month and was going to post but I was waiting until I wrote and published 5 and 6. Time has gone by so quickly and before I knew it it was already mid December.

So here are the chapters:

Chapter 5.03

Chapter 5.04

Chapter 5.05

Chapter 5.06

So much has happened and I won’t give anything away but:

Ryan confronts Charlotte


and we delve into the lives of the triplets.


** I will post up one more chapter of the Ashfields before christmas so be sure to check in for a special christmas chapter.