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Ashfield Updates and an Heir Vote

I have been very busy these past couple of weeks playing and updating the Ashfield’s. I managed to finish the Seventh Generation which for those of you who left off with my last update on this page, you link can be found here.

So needless to say Josh and Kimora live happily ever after and have babies and that’s where I stopped playing as I couldn’t decide who should be the next heir. I have never been stuck on who to choose in this legacy before but then again there was never much choice. Taylor in gen 2 was the only boy so was Alex, gen 3, Noah, gen 6 and Josh, gen 7, I had a soft spot for Ryan, gen 4 and Kyle, gen 5, was the first born so I got attached easily. Now with generation 8 I like them all and that is where I need your help with the first Ashfield Legacy heir poll, found at the end of Chapter 7.10.

I will have the poll open for a little while, not sure how long yet but more then likely I will close it when I come home from my little holiday in three weeks as I am eager to play Sims while I have the chance.

During the time that the poll is up I will be updating every chapter in The Ashfield’s that have graphic or mature content, including writing and pictures to allow for everyone to be able to read my story. I have already done this with Once Upon a Fairytale so stop by and have a read. I have already uploaded every Ashfield to the exchange (Found Here) so if you have ever wanted to play them or include them in your own stories please feel free. I would love to see what they get up to in your games so feel free to either leave a link to your story or even just comment or email to If I get a lot of emails or story links I will create a page on my blog just for them.

Hope you enjoy,



Five Ashfield Chapters

So a little longer then expected but I hope five chapters will make up.

Chapter 7.01 – We follow Claire’s life as a single mother she also travels back to Appaloosa Plains so Josh and Katie can visit their grandparents.

I won’t tell you what happens in the next four chapters but we do see some more traveling to Appaloosa and watch Josh and Katie grow up.

It will probably be another couple of months before I update again as I have to reinstall my games and play and write and whatnot. I had to replace my hard drives but its all good now but I do have Uni, house renovations and my sister is having a baby this weekend so I will have to help out. To add to everything my niece and nephew will be staying with me so that will be fun 🙂

I will leave you with some good new for those who want to download the Ashfields. Over the next week I will be going through my files and uploading what Ashfields I can find to the exchange. There will be links put up under Meet the Ashfields to download but keep in mind that I have gained and lost CC over time and they might not look exactly the same.

Hope you enjoy,