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The Ashfield Update

The Ashfield Legacy is coming to an end and I have the third and second last chapters for you.

Chapter 10.08

Screenshot-391 (2)

Chapter 10.09


I have tried to keep it meaty while trying to wrap things up for Luke and for you readers.

The final chapter is under works and I have no plans as yet but I have a few ideas as to what I will be doing and hope to have it up really soon.

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Once Upon a Bluebeard

The update you have all been waiting for, a fairytale update!

For generation six we have the story of bluebeard. I struggled with this chapter, it is a little grim and not a common fairytale but mostly I didn’t have much time so when ever I had the chance to play/write it I was always cut short but I managed to finish.

Once Upon a Bluebeard



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