Bashert – Update

I was hoping to have this chapter up yesterday but when I opened my game things had changed. Ari and Yasmin were meant to go visit her mother for the weekend but sadly she passed away. I had no idea until I couldn’t find her in her house so I’ve had to rewrite this chapter almost completely. I should probably turn story progression off but I like the reality of it so I’ll leave it on.

So here is Ari’s chapter. It tries to explain the way he is, if this were Sims 3 he would have definitely had the workaholic trait. If I could have selected five traits I would have given him unflirty but he is family oriented and loves Yasmin.

Click to read 1.5 A Hard Day’s Night 


I expect the next chapter to be up on the weekend, I’ve played just have to write but finding quiet time to do that is a bit tricky in my place and then I spend at least a day rereading and making edits although I’m never really sure it’s ever ready to be published.

I hope you enjoy,

Mollyhillz xx


Bashert – Update

We switch back to Yasmin in this chapter to find out her thoughts of the night with Gabriel.

1.4 – Wonderwall

Yasmin awakes with regret


But will she be able to stay away from Gabriel or will she decide to leave Ari.

I have the next chapter played and will spend the weekend writing on Ari so please join me in hearing Ari’s point of view.

And I’m probably going to play some more on the weekend so I might have an extra chapter to put up aswell.

Hope you enjoy,

Mollyhillz xx

Bashert – 2 Chapters are up

Yasmin’s story is taking off and things are heating up. She has a brush with Destiny and could find herself making the biggest mistake of her life… Or would it be the best choice she has ever made?

1.2 – In Fate’s Hands   1.3 – I want You


I was happy to play for a little bit longer than expected so I will have even more juicy chapters up next week and I’m working on a side project, something small and light for when I need a break from Bashert so STAY TUNED! 😀

Hope you enjoy,

Mollyhillz xx

An update long overdue


I know it’s been a while… 2 years and 6 months to be exact but now I’m back and eager to write some more Sims projects.

I won’t bore you with what I’ve been up to but a little munchkin was added to my family so you can imagine I’ve been a little preoccupied with my first baby.

After playing with the Sims 4 for a bit I’m excited to begin a new legacy albeit a little different, completing The Ashfield Legacy made me realise that I’d never do another strict legacy with rules again, I drifted away from that as I focused more on the story.

So here it is Bashert.

The legacy will revolve around one theme Destiny.

Meet Yasmin Zehavi an Israeli beauty who finds herself involved in a love triangle of a more unorthodox kind.


I have the prologue up now which van be viewed here and aim to update a chapter a week at least.

I hope you’ll pop over and have a look, best wishes

Mollyhillz xx


Once Upon a Sleeping Beauty

Once Upon a Sleeping Beauty.

Screenshot-88For this chapter of Once Upon a Fairytale, we follow princess Talia Rose who grows up living with her fairy ‘aunts’ after being cursed by witch Maleeah.

Screenshot-426Although she was protected her whole life, Talia Rose could not avoid her fate and had succumbed to a deep sleep where she awaits the love of her true love’s kiss.

Join Talia Rose in her tale of magic, evil and love.

Hope you enjoy,



The Ashfield Legacy Finale

So the final chapter ever is here!

Chapter 10.10


Join Luke and Gabby as they reminisce through their family albums in the final chapter of The Ashfield Legacy.


I created this Legacy in 2012, my first post was on March 22 so I have been writing and playing this family for almost 3 years! I didn’t think that I would make it due to game crashes, bad CC, deleted files and lag but I persevered and I’m so glad that I did. When I began this legacy I hadn’t played the Sims in years or written anything creative in forever so it was all learning and getting back into things. Thanks to the Ashfield’s I feel inspired to create stories again and I love using my Sims to express them.

To all of you who have stuck by this slow legacy, I want to say a big thank you. If it had not been for your encouragement and support and for the little site hits that I see daily I would not have had the confidence or drive to continue. I am grateful that you have stuck around and I hope that you have no plans of going anywhere as I have many stories that I am dying to write, not to mention The Fairytale Legacy I am over half way through.


Hope you enjoy and thanks for sticking around,