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The Bashert update you have been waiting for.

The poll was not close in the slightest with 55% for the winning choice and 27% for the next choice. It was clear the public had an opinion and if I’m being honest I kinda wanted this choice 😉

My next update might be in a couple if weeks but for now I’m focusing on catching up on some stories.

I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you for understanding and continuing to support this blog even though it’s slow going. I have hit a bump in the road but not a dead end and I’m slowly making my way back ❤

Without further ado I give you

Chapter 1.11 – I Choose You

I hope you enjoy,

Mollyhillz xx


Bashert – Update

Sorry for the late post but last weekend was a long weekend so I was a little preoccupied with guests staying over and football.

I contemplated making this a double post but I’m still working on the next chapter and I thought I’d let Ari have a chance with Yasmin before the next post 🙊

So here is Chapter 1.8 – Chasing Pavements.


We’re working on getting the secrets out and Yasmin gets to see her baby!


Don’t forget to vote on the poll if you haven’t already or revote if you like. I have hidden the results so it will be a surprise what choice wins.

I’ll be spending the weekend working on the next chapter and catching up on some more reading.

I don’t have a schedule but I’m thinking on Wednesday and Friday so I might post Wednesday but that being said I don’t always have chapters planned so far in advance like I do at the moment so maybe just Fridays…. I don’t know lol.

I hope you enjoy,

Mollyhillz xx

Bashert: Update and Poll

I was so excited about this chapter I couldn’t wait to write it. All day I have been reading and editing and I’m still unsure but if I waited to be 100% sure then I’d never post anything. It is a long chapter but I felt like I needed to put it all in one chapter and not split it up.

1.7 – Dilemma

This is a readers choice story so I have a poll up at the bottom and you can decide who you want Yasmin to choose and another option which I won’t mention 😉

I’ll have another 1 or 2 chapters up before I close the poll so you can get to know the guys more and I have left it open to repeat voting in case you change your mind.

I hope you enjoy,

Mollyhillz xx

Bashert – Update


This chapter had to be rewritten as I mentioned that Yasmin’s mother had died so it took me off guard. I plan an outline for chapters and write them after I get the screenshots but I hadn’t planned on Gila, who was going to play a major role in Yasmin’s life, passing away.

1.6 – Time to Say Goodbye


I didn’t want to get into the drama this chapter because I thought that Yasmin needed to say goodbye so she still has her secret…. For now…

The next chapter will be out hopefully on the weekend or early next week. I have played so I just need to write, it will be a big one so stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy,

Mollyhillz xx

Amazing Sim Legacies and Stories

So it’s been a few weeks and I have been busy writing and playing this legacy and reading some great stories so I haven’t worked on the site pages as much as I’d like to have.

When I stopped blogging a couple of years ago I also stopped reading blogs and playing Sims altogether. The Sims 4 just came out and while I was first to preorder and play a demo at a games expo I was devastatingly disappointed when the game was released. No toddlers. No pools. No thank you. My computer crashed shortly after and Sims 3 was wiped and the thought of reinstalling all the games and content again for the hundredth time (more like tenth) put me off especially now that I was pregnant and looking forward to being a mum.

But I’m babbling on so fast forward a couple of years and I hear toddlers have come to Sims 4 and my interest peaked and like a light bulb turning on Sims was all I could think about once again. I jumped onto my blogroll and found most authors stopped playing too so I had to start from scratch googling Sims legacies and searching the forums but it paid off and I found some awesome blogs to indulge my Sims addiction.

I feel it is about time I acknowledge these well deserved authors and update my legacy links page. If you haven’t already read these fantastic blogs I suggest you do there are a variety of styles and viewer ratings for all ages and I hope to aspire to their level one day.

I also just wanted to add that in real life I am super shy and if I am not very active commenting on your blog that doesn’t mean I am not reading and enjoying. That like button is my saving grace so if you see a butterfly I am loving the chapter.

I keep all your blogs open in tabs and at least once a week I make my way up then down so I can catch up quickly and be fair.

You will find all links in the menu  at the top of the page under Legacy Links.


Mollyhillz xx

Bashert – Update

I was hoping to have this chapter up yesterday but when I opened my game things had changed. Ari and Yasmin were meant to go visit her mother for the weekend but sadly she passed away. I had no idea until I couldn’t find her in her house so I’ve had to rewrite this chapter almost completely. I should probably turn story progression off but I like the reality of it so I’ll leave it on.

So here is Ari’s chapter. It tries to explain the way he is, if this were Sims 3 he would have definitely had the workaholic trait. If I could have selected five traits I would have given him unflirty but he is family oriented and loves Yasmin.

Click to read 1.5 A Hard Day’s Night 


I expect the next chapter to be up on the weekend, I’ve played just have to write but finding quiet time to do that is a bit tricky in my place and then I spend at least a day rereading and making edits although I’m never really sure it’s ever ready to be published.

I hope you enjoy,

Mollyhillz xx

Bashert – 2 Chapters are up

Yasmin’s story is taking off and things are heating up. She has a brush with Destiny and could find herself making the biggest mistake of her life… Or would it be the best choice she has ever made?

1.2 – In Fate’s Hands   1.3 – I want You


I was happy to play for a little bit longer than expected so I will have even more juicy chapters up next week and I’m working on a side project, something small and light for when I need a break from Bashert so STAY TUNED! 😀

Hope you enjoy,

Mollyhillz xx