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Amazing Sim Legacies and Stories

So it’s been a few weeks and I have been busy writing and playing this legacy and reading some great stories so I haven’t worked on the site pages as much as I’d like to have.

When I stopped blogging a couple of years ago I also stopped reading blogs and playing Sims altogether. The Sims 4 just came out and while I was first to preorder and play a demo at a games expo I was devastatingly disappointed when the game was released. No toddlers. No pools. No thank you. My computer crashed shortly after and Sims 3 was wiped and the thought of reinstalling all the games and content again for the hundredth time (more like tenth) put me off especially now that I was pregnant and looking forward to being a mum.

But I’m babbling on so fast forward a couple of years and I hear toddlers have come to Sims 4 and my interest peaked and like a light bulb turning on Sims was all I could think about once again. I jumped onto my blogroll and found most authors stopped playing too so I had to start from scratch googling Sims legacies and searching the forums but it paid off and I found some awesome blogs to indulge my Sims addiction.

I feel it is about time I acknowledge these well deserved authors and update my legacy links page. If you haven’t already read these fantastic blogs I suggest you do there are a variety of styles and viewer ratings for all ages and I hope to aspire to their level one day.

I also just wanted to add that in real life I am super shy and if I am not very active commenting on your blog that doesn’t mean I am not reading and enjoying. That like button is my saving grace so if you see a butterfly I am loving the chapter.

I keep all your blogs open in tabs and at least once a week I make my way up then down so I can catch up quickly and be fair.

You will find all links in the menu  at the top of the page under Legacy Links.


Mollyhillz xx


Once Upon a Sleeping Beauty

Once Upon a Sleeping Beauty.

Screenshot-88For this chapter of Once Upon a Fairytale, we follow princess Talia Rose who grows up living with her fairy ‘aunts’ after being cursed by witch Maleeah.

Screenshot-426Although she was protected her whole life, Talia Rose could not avoid her fate and had succumbed to a deep sleep where she awaits the love of her true love’s kiss.

Join Talia Rose in her tale of magic, evil and love.

Hope you enjoy,



The Ashfield Legacy Finale

So the final chapter ever is here!

Chapter 10.10


Join Luke and Gabby as they reminisce through their family albums in the final chapter of The Ashfield Legacy.


I created this Legacy in 2012, my first post was on March 22 so I have been writing and playing this family for almost 3 years! I didn’t think that I would make it due to game crashes, bad CC, deleted files and lag but I persevered and I’m so glad that I did. When I began this legacy I hadn’t played the Sims in years or written anything creative in forever so it was all learning and getting back into things. Thanks to the Ashfield’s I feel inspired to create stories again and I love using my Sims to express them.

To all of you who have stuck by this slow legacy, I want to say a big thank you. If it had not been for your encouragement and support and for the little site hits that I see daily I would not have had the confidence or drive to continue. I am grateful that you have stuck around and I hope that you have no plans of going anywhere as I have many stories that I am dying to write, not to mention The Fairytale Legacy I am over half way through.


Hope you enjoy and thanks for sticking around,


The Ashfield Update

The Ashfield Legacy is coming to an end and I have the third and second last chapters for you.

Chapter 10.08

Screenshot-391 (2)

Chapter 10.09


I have tried to keep it meaty while trying to wrap things up for Luke and for you readers.

The final chapter is under works and I have no plans as yet but I have a few ideas as to what I will be doing and hope to have it up really soon.

Hope you enjoy,


Once Upon a Bluebeard

The update you have all been waiting for, a fairytale update!

For generation six we have the story of bluebeard. I struggled with this chapter, it is a little grim and not a common fairytale but mostly I didn’t have much time so when ever I had the chance to play/write it I was always cut short but I managed to finish.

Once Upon a Bluebeard



Hope you enjoy,