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The Ashfield Legacy – The beginning of Gen 5

I only have about a week left of uni for the year but I couldn’t wait to post up these two chapters, Chapter 5.01 and Chapter 5.02. First off I am so excited that I have made it half way through, being my first attempt at a sims 3 legacy I thought I would have fail the first time round. Not only am I half way but I have recieved over 1300 views which I am extremely grateful for.

Some snap shots from Chapter 5.01

On another note, the results are in for my supernatural project and it looks like I will be writing a fairytale legacy/story. I have already begun and have posted the first chapter but it is not ready to be viewed yet. Keep posted for a sneak peak. Thankyou to those who voted and a big thankyou for reading and following The Ashfields if it weren’t for my readers I don’t tink that I could have made it this far. I look forward to playing and writing the next five generations and please feel free to stop by and comment. I am always open to suggestion and would love to hear how to make The Ashfield more enjoyable to read.