Hi all and welcome to my page of Sims legacies and stories!

This site will be my main site where you will find links to my upcoming stories and legacies so be sure to follow for updates of all current projects.

When I began writing back in 2012 I was new to Sims on PC and hadn’t written anything creative in a while so it was all practice which I think shows in the first couple of generations of the Ashfields but I like to think it got better 😁

Story Index

*CURRENT* Bashert – A Sims 4 legacy story which is more story than legacy driven focusing on the destiny of each heir.

The Ashfield Legacy – COMPLETED My first sims 3 legacy is a patriarchy following Nicolas Ashfield through 10 generations of love and drama.

Once Upon a Fairytale – On Hiatus A Sims 3 fairytale legacy. Each chapter is a generation based on a fairytale so 10 chapters is 10 generations. Currently at chapter 7

I hope you enjoy reading them, and thanks for stopping by,

Mollyhillz xx



6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Just dropping by to say hi 🙂
    Thank you for checking out my story and woah-reading chapter by chapter right from the very beginning! I hope you have been enjoying it so far.
    I was wondering if there was something I could catch up on as far as your story is considered, but I’m kind of confused – you have so much going on!

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