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Bashert – Update

Once again I’ve missed a post but I have had the worst migraine lasting a couple of weeks and still going. It’s fine now but tomorrow maybe a different story. I have been llimiting my screen time so I haven’t played, written much or done any reading.

To make up for it I do have a double post!

I feel like this triangle has been dragging on long enough so we reach the climax and secrets are revealed in 1.9 – Secrets.


Again the poll is still open but I’m closing tonight so if you haven’t voted yet or want to vote to change Yasmin’s fate do so before tonight.


1.10 – Brand New Day is just a refreshing look at life for Yasmin without the boy drama and a new work opportunity arises.

I hope you enjoy,

Mollyhillz xx


Bashert – Update

Sorry for the late post but last weekend was a long weekend so I was a little preoccupied with guests staying over and football.

I contemplated making this a double post but I’m still working on the next chapter and I thought I’d let Ari have a chance with Yasmin before the next post 🙊

So here is Chapter 1.8 – Chasing Pavements.


We’re working on getting the secrets out and Yasmin gets to see her baby!


Don’t forget to vote on the poll if you haven’t already or revote if you like. I have hidden the results so it will be a surprise what choice wins.

I’ll be spending the weekend working on the next chapter and catching up on some more reading.

I don’t have a schedule but I’m thinking on Wednesday and Friday so I might post Wednesday but that being said I don’t always have chapters planned so far in advance like I do at the moment so maybe just Fridays…. I don’t know lol.

I hope you enjoy,

Mollyhillz xx