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Finally an Ashfield Update….

New Ashfield Chapters!!

Chapter 8.08

Chapter 8.09

Chapter 8.10

Below chapters pictures have been left out so I don’t spoil Generation 9 for you.

Chapter 9.01

Chapter 9.02

Chapter 9.03

Chapter 9.04

Chapter 9.05

So yes there is a lot but these are the only chapters to be posted for another few weeks.

I do hope to finish the Ashfield’s soon to focus on a new Sims 4 legacy when it is released so expect more updates hopefully during Easter break.

Hope you enjoy,



Once Upon a Beauty and a Beast

Hello readers 🙂

So It has been a while since I have posted new chapters of my stories, especially new Once Upon a Fairytale chapters but here it is.

5. Once Upon a Beauty and a Beast


I do apologise for the very late update, I have been very busy with Uni, family and my recent marriage but do expect some Ashfields in the next two days.

As Sims 4 is set to release within the next three months I hope to wrap The Ashfield Legacy up to focus on a new legacy , this does not mean that I will abandon or even rush the ending of the legacy it just means I hope to have lots of updates. The Ashfield’s deserve a proper ending and I have played quite far already it’s just the writing and posting I’m behind in.

I hope you enjoy

Mollyhillz 🙂